Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Welcome to the very first of what I hope to be many blog posts as I drag myself kicking and screaming in to the 21st century - in just under a decade, too, not bad!

For the last year or so I've wanted to create a forum for senior management execs and other marketing pros to be able to exchange ideas, pick up tips and best practice tidbits, get questions answered, and be able to share some of my experiences assisting some of the major brands in the country to be their best and most effective through what I call "marketing common sense."

I try not to use too much jargon, for a couple of reasons - one, it's pretentious, and two, it moves so quickly and morphs so fast that it can quickly become dated and stale, not to mention creating some confusion and misunderstanding - the antithesis of what I'm trying to do, which is communicate ideas clearly.

As a start, I'd like to confer some "Thank You"s to some folks who've been very supportive of this effort:
1. Thanks to SMEI folks and to Greg Cangialosi of Blue Sky Factory, who prompted me to get off my ass and do this.
2. To Renee Novak, who's always wanted a place to read more about "The world according to Dave" - I think that's her way of saying I'm opinionated, but she has too much class to say it outright!
3. To my clients, who've stuck with me, even when they didn't have a current assignment but kept in touch
4. To my old bosses, some of whom understood me not at all, and some of whom understood only too well, but all of whom realized the strength needed to try and manage the unmanageable . . .
and lastly,
5. All my friends and colleagues, who over the years have by turns encouraged and tolerated my antics, and had the grace to let me fail as well as succeed on my own . . .

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